Talk To A Cardiologist About Ebstein's Anomaly If You Are Regularly Short On Breath

Exercising should increase your cardiovascular health and create more stamina for your body. However, some people who exercise regularly may find that they are constantly short of breath. If this is the case with you, talk to a cardiologist about Ebstein's anomaly to ensure you are safe.

The Nature Of This Problem

Ebstein's anomaly is a rare birth defect that affects your heart from the moment you are born. Essentially, the valve between your heart chambers isn't formed properly. While your heart will still run just fine, this anomaly can lead to serious problems later on in life. For example, it can cause your heart to expand and lead to more serious issues. Its most common symptom is a regular shortness of breath.

This problem is particularly potent for those who exercise regularly. That's because exercise will increase your heart rate and put extra pressure on your heart valves. Sadly, this may cause a severe heart attack no matter how healthy you are or how much exercise you perform. Even worse, this problem is sometimes hard to notice until it is too late.

Diagnosis Is Sometimes Uncertain

While Ebstein's anomaly is present at birth, most people don't realize they have it until later. That's because symptoms don't usually manifest themselves until the heart grows to a certain point. As a result, you may suddenly find yourself short of breath while doing exercises you can normally handle.

As a result, diagnosis of this disease often comes after a person has suffered from heart problems, such as murmurs or even heart attacks. Therefore, anyone who is exercises regularly but finds themselves short on breath should talk to a cardiologist about this problem right away to manage it.

Managing This Disease

If you believe that you have Ebstein's anomaly, talk to a professional cardiologist right away. They will take an x-ray of your heart and spot this issue. If you do have it, you may be advised to stay away from excessive physical exertion, including a variety of exercises that you may otherwise enjoy performing to stay in shape.

That doesn't mean that you can't perform exercise. Instead, you have to decrease the intensity and avoid causing a racing heart. Walks and gentle water aerobics can be a great choice for those with this issue. Cardiologists can help identify a workout routine that works for your unique needs.

As you can see, talking to a cardiologist is an important step if you are worried about this disease. They can help diagnose the problem and take steps to ensure you are in good shape. So don't hesitate to get this disease diagnosed as soon as possible.

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