Should You Buy An Electric Wheelchair Or A Mobility Scooter?

You might find that you are suffering from a limited range of motion due to an injury, illness, or simply due to aging. While you can still get around using your legs, it might be proving to be more difficult than in the past. You may be considering getting some help to get around and wonder what the best choice of mobility vehicle is for you – an electric wheelchair or a mobility scooter. What you choose depends on a variety of factors.

Your Mobility and Activity Level

A primary factor in deciding which mobility vehicle to choose is really what your mobility level is. What sort of activity are you able to do on a daily basis? For example, can you walk more than a few steps at a time without becoming winded or suffering from balance problems? Do you need more stability than a walker or cane can provide you? Do you suffer from upper body weakness? If any of these are the case, then an electric wheelchair should be what you choose.

They are able to be used within the house much easier than the larger scooter, and they are able to break down to fit into a car or SUV to transport you for shopping or errands. A scooter will not make it easier to do daily tasks around the house, as it doesn't have a short turning radius and is rather large compared to an electric wheelchair.

If you are able to do daily tasks fairly easily, such as dressing yourself, making meals, and getting around your house without stumbling, you may want to choose a scooter for outside activities like shopping.


You might be wondering how you could afford either a scooter or an electric wheelchair, but there are options here for you to consider.

Scooters are typically not covered by insurance or Medicare so you would most likely have to pay for the entire cost out-of-pocket. Electric wheelchairs, however, should be covered under your Medicare plan, especially if you qualify for the criteria of needing a mobility device, which includes the inability to walk more than a few steps, having trouble dressing or getting around your home without assistance, and other factors.

Your Comfort Level

While both scooters and electric wheelchairs offer comfort for long periods of sitting, electric wheelchairs go beyond just getting you from place to place.

You can opt for a model in which the seat elevates to a higher position for better viewing at tables or bus rides, and they offer those with a limited range of motion in their hands and arms the ability to control the chair from a joystick while sitting back in the seat. You can contact companies like Corner Home Medical for more information.

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