Is Your Child Not Growing Much? Talk To A Child's Doctor About Pituitary Tumors

As children age, their bodies will grow and mature in many ways. However, there are instances in which a child ages but their body refuses to change. In this situation, it is critical to talk to a child's doctor about pituitary problems, including potential cancerous tumors.

Poor Growing Speed Showcases A Weak Pituitary Gland

In a young child, the pituitary gland is an important part of their growth. It helps provide them with hormones and other vital chemicals that provide their body with the energy they need to grow. When a child is struggling to grow, there is a strong chance that their pituitary gland is affected.

In some instances, the gland may simply need a little jump start or a few medical treatments to run again. Sadly, there is a chance that a cancerous tumor could be affecting their pituitary gland and putting their life at a serious risk.

Tumors May Be The Big Issue

No parent ever wants to be told that their child has cancer, but there is a chance that a pituitary tumor could be causing complications with your child's growth. Some of these tumors are benign and won't grow in size. These are easier to remove and shouldn't be a major issue for your child. Unfortunately, many more types are cancerous.

Spotting a cancerous tumor on a pituitary gland is critical because it can help avoid serious issues that could plague your child. Just as importantly, they can help them stay healthy and get their pituitary gland running again, allowing them to grow. Thankfully, child doctors can help with this issue.

Child Doctors Can Find These Problems

If you believe that your child has a pituitary tumor, it is important to talk to a pediatric doctor. These medical specialists are skilled in identifying problems that occur in the very young. They will work hard to identify the location of a tumor and create a way to manage it safely and healthy and in a way that benefits your child's health.

For example, they may be able to either carefully remove the pituitary tumor from your child or find someone who can do it for them. They may even be able to provide treatment for pain or even chemotherapy and radiation to decrease the size of the tumor and increase your child's chances of recovery.

Therefore, it is always smart to talk to a child's doctor if you find your young one is suffering from stunted growth. There is a good chance that a child's doctor can remove a tumor from a pituitary gland and allow your child to grow to a normal height and weight. For more information, contact a medical office like Kitsap Children's Clinic LLP.

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