Open Access Colonoscopy: Scheduling Your Routine Colonoscopy Doesn't Have To Be A Pain

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you may need a colonoscopy every 10 years once you reach a certain age and depending on your risks for colorectal cancer. While the procedure itself is not a big ordeal, the days leading up to the procedure can require a lot of steps. Unfortunately, all the requirements and prep work can mean some people skip their routine colonoscopy altogether. Opting for an open-access colonoscopy may be a good solution to simplify the process. Find out more about the open-access colonoscopy below. 

What is an open-access colonoscopy?

The open-access colonoscopy is designed to make it easier for patients and providers when it is time for a routine colonoscopy. With the open-access process, you do not have to visit the doctor first to get your colonoscopy approved and scheduled. Normally, you would have to schedule an appointment with your care provider, provide health details during the visit, and then wait for the procedure to be scheduled. Instead, the open-access colonoscopy allows you to simply call the doctor, give your details over the phone, and the doctor makes arrangements for the procedure. 

Who is a good candidate for an open-access colonoscopy?

The best candidates for an open-access colonoscopy procedure are those that are simply getting the routine examination and do not have any serious gastrointestinal issues. For example, if you have recently had issues with digestion or had large volumes of blood in your stool, you may need a prior evaluation before getting a colonoscopy. Open-access screenings may also be most suitable for individuals that have a high risk of colon cancer because the simpler process helps ensure they get the procedure in a timely manner. 

What are the advantages of open-access colonoscopies?

The primary benefit of an open-access procedure is you do not have to undergo an initial consultative visit with a doctor before your procedure is scheduled. This can save time for you and your doctor, but it can also mean a cost-saving benefit as well. You will not have to pay for the additional doctor's visit. 

Ask your doctor about an open-access colonoscopy

If you are simply scheduling a routine colonoscopy as a measure of preventative health, you may be a good candidate for an open-access procedure. If the time is closing in for your next colon evaluation discuss what options may be available to you to simplify the process.

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