2 Questions To Ask When Contacting A Pediatrician's Office For The First Time

If you have recently given birth or are preparing to, you may be looking around for a pediatrician to take care of your newborn. Or, you may have found it necessary to find a new doctor for your toddler.

Either way, you want to make a confident choice when selecting a healthcare provider for your child. Along with other questions you may have, ask the questions discussed below when you first contact a pediatrics office to find out more information about them.

1. Does the Doctor Offer Free Initial Visits So That You and Your Child Can Meet Them?

One question you should ask when you first contact the doctor's office is whether they offer a free initial visit. Many pediatricians offer this first appointment free of charge to give you and your child a chance to meet with them.

During this visit, you can see firsthand how the doctor interacts with your child to see if they get along well together. You can also discuss with the doctor their philosophies on various aspects of child health and general care to ensure that their beliefs work well with those of your family.

2. Is the Pediatrician Easily Accessible During Off-hours in Case of an Emergency?

Another inquiry you should make when you contact a pediatrician's office for the first time has to do with their accessibility. Do they have several contact numbers so that they can be reached during off-hours in an emergency?

Since children can become sick or hurt quickly, you want to make sure that the doctor you choose for your child can be reached at any time day or night. Or, they should have backup plans and numbers where you can speak to a physician or make an appointment for your child no matter what time or day you need it.

Whether you are choosing a pediatrician for your newborn or switching doctors for your toddler, you want to make sure that they are a good match for you and your child. If possible, set up a free visit with the doctor so that you can meet with them to get a feel for their demeanor as well as discuss their views on child health and care. You should also ask if they are easily accessible for emergencies and/or have a backup plan for off-hours.

Contact a pediatrician in your area to ask them for more information.

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