Is It Time To Get New Hearing Aids? Here Are Three Factors You Should Consider

Have you had your hearing aids for more than a few years? Hearing aids aren't designed to last decades. Therefore, if you rely on hearing aids to improve your hearing, you should know when to ditch your old devices for new ones. Below are three factors that indicate it is time to invest in new hearing aids.

Wear and Tear on Devices 

Hearing aids are prone to wear and tear due to poor handling or old age. Over time, the devices collect ear wax, dust, and grime, which hinders their performance. Hearing aids can also develop hairline cracks if they fall frequently. Therefore, look out for the following signs of wear and tear on the devices: 

  • Switching on and off intermittently
  • Loss of hearing clarity
  • Low hearing volume and distorted sounds

These defects can affect your ability to hear and lower your quality of life. Therefore, you need to replace your hearing aids with new ones to restore proper hearing. Handle your new hearing devices carefully to prevent premature wear and tear. 

Outdated Technology 

If your hearing aids are more than a few years old, they probably have outdated technology. Newer hearing aids come with advanced technologies to improve functionality and boost comfort. They are compatible with smartphone apps that allow users to control hearing aids through their phones. Below are some benefits of using smartphone apps to operate your hearing aids. 

  • Automatic volume adjustment: You can adjust the volume on your hearing aids to suit different environments. For example, if you are in a noisy area, you can filter out the noise to concentrate better on tasks.
  • Access to audio files: Hearing aid apps allow you to access and stream audio files directly since the app is already connected to the aids.
  • Device status and diagnostics: Smartphone apps can send alerts for device servicing, battery replacement, and appointment reminders. 

Upgrade your hearing aids to enjoy the above features and improve your quality of life. 

Lifestyle Changes 

As your lifestyle and needs change, you may require new devices for better hearing. For example, if you used to work in a quiet environment and have switched to a noisier workspace, you need devices that can filter noise better. Old hearing aids with poor noise filtering capabilities can affect concentration and productivity. Therefore, if your current hearing devices aren't meeting your needs, invest in new ones tailored to your current lifestyle.

Are your hearing aids no longer working as well as they used to? Do you want new devices with the latest technologies for improved functionality? Contact a local hearing aid service, such as Accurate Hearing Technology Inc, to learn more. 

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