Outdoor Adventure Lead To Itchy Insect Bites? 3 Benefits Of Using Prescription Chigger Bite Relief Ointment

Chiggers are tiny arachnids that live in many different outdoor environments. They are often found around lakes and in forests, but they can also show up on your suburban lawn. You can pick up chiggers from walking past areas where the larva are gathered. Once they reach your skin, they'll take a tiny bite and inject their saliva so that they can feed. The resulting bumps can cause a skin reaction that leaves you with itchy, red blotches that can last for several weeks. Although mild cases of these bites can go away on their own, you may need prescription chigger bite relief ointment to receive these benefits that promote healing.

Relieve Skin Irritation and Swelling

People who are sensitive to chiggers can experience far more serious symptoms than just a few minor bumps. Chigger bites can also sometimes appear on sensitive areas of your body, such as around the groin. When the bites lead to severe inflammation that includes uncomfortable swelling or rashes, then using a prescription-strength ointment can help to bring the painful inflammation down faster. In fact, using the ointment at the first sign of chigger bites might help you to avoid having a severe reaction in the first place.

Get Relief So That You Can Sleep

Major chigger attacks can result in hundreds of bites that continue to appear over a period of days. In some cases, the itchiness caused by the bites can be so disruptive that you might find it hard to sleep. If you find that you continue to wake up frequently during the night because of the itching, then you might need to use a prescription ointment. This type of ointment typically contains an antihistamine that helps to block your body's reaction to the chigger saliva. Being able to get proper rest further helps your body to have the energy it needs to help your skin recover.

Prevent Complications from Infections

Fortunately, chiggers don't transmit diseases that could make you sick as a tick might. However, these bites do still pose a risk to your health because they can lead to a skin infection. They can also irritate pre-existing conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. Scratching your bites can transfer bacteria from your hands to the wound site. Using prescription chigger bite ointment can help you to reduce itchiness that leads to scratching. Some ointments also contain antibiotics or steroids to further prevent infections in people with multiple bites. 

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