2 Reasons To Track The Macronutrients You Eat

If you know you do not eat a diet that is as healthy as it should be, then you may wonder just what steps you should take to make your diet more healthy. In addition, you may be looking to shed a few pounds if you are overweight and/or gain lean muscle mass. While there are many dietary changes you can make to encourage weight loss while also improving your overall health, many people today are relying on personal macro coaches to meet their health and fitness goals. 

Macro coaches recommend macronutrient ratios that will help their clients meet their fitness goals. They also help them learn how to create meals with their personal macronutrient goals in mind. The main three macronutrients in foods are considered fats, carbohydrates, and protein, and these macronutrients are measured in grams. 

Read on to learn two specific ways that personalized macro coaching can help you meet your fitness and health goals. 

1. Gain Muscle

If you are working out at the gym on a regular basis attempting to gain lean muscle yet are not seeing great results, then you may frequently worry that you are working out improperly or that your genetics do not support muscle gain. 

However, you may be facing difficulty building muscle mass simply due to eating an improper macronutrient ratio for muscle gain. To gain muscle when weight lifting, you must eat an ample amount of protein to help support the growth of new muscle tissue. When not eating enough protein, muscle can be difficult to build when performing any workout routine. A macronutrient coach can help you calculate your ideal nutrient ratio that includes more protein than a diet aimed at helping support current muscle mass or simply losing weight. 

2. Stay Fuller Longer

If you are instead looking to lose a few pounds but find that you have a hard time sticking to a diet that contains less food than you are used to eating, then a macronutrient coach can recommend a macronutrient ratio that helps you lose weight. 

Since some macronutrients, like protein and some types of fat, take longer to digest than simple carbohydrates, eating meals and snacks that are high in these macronutrients can help keep you fuller, longer after eating them. When your diet keeps you feeling fuller for an extended period of time after eating, you may find that you naturally snack on unhealthful foods less often between meals. 

For this reason, you may find that you are finally able to stick to a lower-calorie diet when you eat a macronutrient ratio that does not leave you feeling hungry between healthy meals and snacks. 

If you would like to try macronutrient tracking to aid in your fitness and health goals, then consider enlisting the help of a personal macro coach who can determine the ideal macronutrient ratio for your needs and help you plan healthy meals with this ratio in mind. 

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