Do You Have Doubts Your Child's Hearing Aids Are Working? Get A Real Ear Measurement And A Second Opinion

If your child was born with some hearing loss and you are now trying to correct it with hearing aids but aren't getting the results you hoped for, there are things that you want to push for. If your child can't hear and they have also had speech delays because of this, you need to be the advocate for your child.

It can take time to adjust to hearing aids, but if they are working properly, you should see a lot of improvements. Here are the things that you want to talk with your pediatrician and an otolaryngologist or audiologist

Ask for a Real Ear Measurement

A real ear measurement will measure the amount of pressure that develops from the sound in the ear canal when a hearing aid is in the ear. The instrument that will be used for this test is a silicone tube, and it will probe the ear canal.

This will help you determine if the hearing aid is working properly and if your child is getting the assistance they need.  Talk with the audiologist about any extra testing you think is needed.

Insist on More Testing

It can be difficult at times to get accurate testing results because your child may be reading lips, feeling pressure and vibrations, or getting dull noises. If their speech and hearing don't seem to be improving as much as you hoped with the assistance of hearing aids, insist on more testing to make sure that they have the aids that they need.

See a New Specialist

The specialist that you are seeing may not be the right professional for your child and for your family. Consider getting a second opinion about your child's condition, about their hearing loss, and about the right medical treatment to ensure that you are getting the best care. A second opinion could allow a different specialist a chance to catch something that was originally missed.

When it comes to your child's ability to hear, speak, and their quality of life, you want to make sure that you are doing everything you can. Don't waste any time trying to figure out if the hearing aids are doing what they should be, and if you are having concerns that they aren't working as well as they should, it's time to get tested. You don't want your child to suffer or be denied the hearing assistance they need.

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