Keep Your Parents Home And Happy

Unfortunately, as your parents get older, they may no longer be able to care for themselves properly. This could be things as simple as preparing meals and taking care of household chores or as serious as not being able to get out of bed alone or perform simple daily hygiene. When things are to the point where they need extra help or care, you have the choice of having them move in with you, moving them to a senior home or hospital, or having someone come to their house to care for them. Unless the situation is extreme and requires constant medical machine intervention, it is often best to hire in-home senior care. Here are just a few reasons this is the best option.

Comfort and Familiarity

No matter their medical condition, being at their own home will keep your parent more comfortable. They know the feel, smell, and organization of the house. Even if their memory is failing, they will still have a sense of familiarity in their own home. This will not only keep them happier, but it will also reduce the stress and fear that goes along with aging, especially when the memory is involved. 

Easier Family Visits

Many people do not like to go to a nursing home, hospital, or senior facility to visit their loved ones. While they will go, it is not as often or for as long a visit. When your parents stay in their own home, everyone will feel better when visiting. It will be like going home for any of you who perhaps grew up in that house. You will be able to take your children and even your pets if that is what you are used to doing. In addition, if there is a need for you to stay the night, it will be much more comfortable. Any family coming in from out of town will have more room if they need to stay too.

Creature Comforts

If your parents have any pets, they will be able to keep them at home. Many elderly people find that having an animal companion is very cathartic. Interacting with the animal reduces stress, relaxes them, and has a positive effect on their overall health. Other things, like a garden or different special belongings can be kept too, instead of giving them to other family members or putting them in some storage facility.

Don't cause your parents any stress just because they are getting a bit older and have trouble doing all the things they used to do. Hire the necessary help for them, and allow them to stay in the home they created for themselves. For more information, check out a website like

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