Three Steps To Pre-Planning When Having Surgery Out Of The Country

Having surgery out of the country is always risky, but it takes much more planning than  Many people go out of the country for surgery is because of the lower medical bills or the availability of a preferred doctor. Though you may be interested in getting surgery outside of the country, you will need to make a plan for the 'what ifs'. When planning out your surgery, be sure to leave a plan in place for what will happen in the event that something happens during or after the surgery. Here are some things to have on your surgical pre-planning list. 

Be sure to update your insurance

Your regular insurance needs may be amped up when you are going out of the country. Check with your insurer to determine if you are covered in the event that you have surgery out of the country. Most insurance coverage will allow you to go to the emergency room or urgent care in order to take care of your needs, but you will need to be connected to a surgical specialist. Get the insurance plan that offers you after surgery care with the least amount out of pocket. 

Have a medical flight on standby

Medical flight is one of the most invaluable tools that you will find during your surgery abroad. If an emergency happens and you want to leave the country, you will not be able to board a normal, commercial flight. A medical flight is the only way to get out of another country and into your home nation during a medical emergency. Contact the medical flight service that is available via your insurer. Make sure they offer medical flights to and from the location of your foreign surgery. Give your family at home and your surgeon the medical flight contact information in the event that you need to be evacuated back to America.

Book a disability service with the airline

In the event that you will be able to take your normal flight to and from the country, you will still need to declare yourself disabled to get proper service. Wheelchair service will be able to meet you at your drop off point near the airport entrance and wheel you through security and to your flight. Your airline will also be able to seat you as needed, whether in a front row or a row designated for those with disabilities. They will also be able to meet you on the plan to deboard you and escort you to your transportation home. Be sure to bring a doctors release with you to the airport so that they know you are cleared to fly. 

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