3 Jobs That You Might Not Be Able To Get Without Knowing CPR

Enrolling in a CPR training program might be your focus if you want to have another tool at your disposal to keep your children safe, but certification in this area can also be pivotal for your career. Having CPR training listed on your resume can make you a desirable candidate in virtually every field. Even in a standard office job, if you and another candidate have virtually identical qualifications, but you're trained in CPR, you may get the job because of the extra value that you bring to the office. There are several fields, however, in which you won't get hired without CPR certification. Should these fields interest you, you'll want to sign up for a CPR course.

1. Childcare

Virtually every position with reputable childcare agencies requires CPR training. If you're eager to get a job with a daycare or a preschool, for example, you'll need to be trained in CPR. There are many potential scenarios in which a child under your care could benefit from the skills that you'll learn in your training. For example, a child who struggles to breathe as a result of choking on a piece of food or even a small toy could potentially die unless someone on the scene is trained in CPR.

2. Coaching

While you might be able to volunteer to help oversee your son's or daughter's youth sports team without any CPR training, you'll need to have certification should you wish to obtain a formal coaching position. Any reputable youth athletics organization will mandate that all of the coaches in its organization are trained in CPR. Regardless of whether you're coaching a contact sport such as ice hockey or a non-contact activity such as gymnastics, the risk of a child developing a breathing issue and requiring CPR is always present.

3. Security

Security officers are synonymous with stopping criminal activities such as trespassing and shoplifting, but these professionals also help members of the public who are in experiencing various forms of distress. For example, someone in a mall who is having a medical emergency in which he or she has stopped breathing will need CPR. While other shoppers may have already called 911, the reality is that the ambulance may take several critical minutes to arrive, and you'll be the first responder to the scene. By knowing CPR, you may actually be able to save the person's life before the other responders arrive.

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