When It Is Time To See An Ear, Nose, And Throat Specialist

While your primary care physician (PCP) can help you with most common problems and illnesses, there may be times when they will recommend you see an ear, nose, and throat specialist (ENT). In addition, if you have seen your regular doctor, and things are not getting any better, you should ask for a referral if one is necessary for your insurance. Here are just a few of the situations which warrant a specialist.


Your PCP can treat common ear infections. However, if the eardrum has burst, or you have somehow injured your inner ear, you will want a doctor who specializes in treating these disorders. It is also important to make an appointment with this type of doctor if you are having trouble hearing. The sooner you get treated, the less chance there will be of permanent damage to your ear and hearing. Also, an ENT can help if you are suffering from tinnitus (ringing in the ears) as well.


If you are having trouble inhaling or exhaling through your nose, and it is not just due to a cold, an ENT can help discover what the problem is and fix it. This could be due to a blockage in the air passages such as a deviated septum or nose polyps. Quite often, you may not notice a breathing problem but will have a headache due to pressure caused by the blockage.

Also, an ENT is the professional to see if you are having severe, chronic sinus troubles. If you feel a lot of pressure in your face, around the eyes, in your jaw, or in your cheekbones. Sometimes there are polyps in the sinus cavities that need to be removed. Another problem could be small sinuses or small drainage passages that cause a buildup of mucus.


Tonsillitis or an infection in the adenoids are normally taken care of by your PCP. However, if the infections do not go away or keep coming back, you might need to have them removed. An ENT surgeon will do this.  This doctor will also be the one to see if you are having trouble swallowing or talking.

In general, if you are having trouble hearing, smelling, tasting, eating, talking, or have chronic headaches, an ENT can help. Visit your regular doctor first and ask for a referral if necessary. You do not need to suffer; call your local ENT today to schedule an appointment.

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