Clues That It's Time To Go From One Hearing Aid To Two

Although lots of hearing aid users get a pair of hearing aids right away after experiencing hearing difficulties, some people opt for just one device. This may be the case if you have acute hearing loss in one ear, for example, but your hearing level in the other ear is still okay. Should you find yourself in this situation, it's advantageous to continue to visit your hearing specialist for regular assessments of the ear without the hearing aid. You may also get some indicators that this ear could benefit from getting a hearing aid. Here are some examples.

Issues Similar To What You Used To Experience

One of the biggest signs that it's time to go from one hearing aid to two hearing aids is that you begin to experience issues that are similar to what you dealt with before getting your hearing aid. For example, you may struggle to follow conversations, have trouble hearing the television or carrying on a telephone conversation, or you may begin to isolate yourself from social activities because you struggle to keep up with what people are saying. Although you may get around some of these issues by positioning your ear with the hearing aid toward the person speaking, even this behavior can suggest that you need a second hearing aid.

Trouble With Spatial Awareness

When you have one hearing aid, you may eventually be in a situation in which you can hear well out of one ear and poorly out of the other. This can often leave you with poor awareness of your surroundings in different spaces. For example, you might believe that you're hearing a sound to your left, but if your "good" ear is on the right, it could actually be the one picking up the sound, not your left ear. This can lead to confusion and exhaustion over time.

You're Over The Stigma Of Hearing Aids

While many hearing aid users embrace these devices right away, others do not. If you have long hair, for example, you might opt for only one aid and style your hair in a manner that it covers the ear with the aid and exposes the other ear. Over time, however, you'll likely grow to appreciate your hearing aid so much that you might move beyond any stigma you felt about getting the device. This can make you ready to get a second one.

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