Found Out A Partner Has An STD? What To Do If You Think You Might Have It

Have you recently discovered someone you've had unprotected sex with has a sexually transmitted disease? The person you slept with may not have known they were infected and therefore didn't tell you about it before getting intimate with you. However, now that you've found out this frightening information, it's necessary to get tested. You need to find out if the sexually transmitted disease was passed on to you during intercourse.

Go to Urgent Care For STD Testing 

Feeling a bit too embarrassed to get tested by your primary physician? While many people end up with sexually transmitted diseases that are completely curable, it's understandable to feel slightly embarrassed about the situation when facing a physician who has taken care of your medical needs for many years. If you'd rather avoid that feeling of embarrassment and anxiousness, you could go to an urgent care center in your area to find out if you have an STD or not.

The medical staff at the urgent care center may provide testing for numerous sexually transmitted diseases, including gonorrhea, chlamydia, and even syphilis. While you won't get your results on the same day of your visit to the urgent care center, someone from the facility should call you within two or three days to give you the results. If it turns out you are infected, a staff member from the urgent care center may recommend coming in for treatment, which may include a prescription for antibiotics that will help you get rid of the infection for good.

Speak With Any Sexual Partners

If you find out you have a sexually transmitted disease and you happened to have unprotected intercourse with other people before finding out you were infected, you'll need to speak with those partners immediately. While you may be worried about what they're going to think or say, being honest with them about the situation is the best thing to do. Once they know what's going on, they'll be able to get tested and seek treatment if necessary.

If someone you were sexually active with recently told you they have a sexually transmitted disease, there is a chance you have it too. However, the only way to know is to get tested. If you don't want to see your primary physician, you can go to the urgent care center for testing. The medical staff will keep your results private and will contact you to let you know if you need to seek treatment or not. As a way of potentially avoiding this issue in the future, always use contraceptives when engaging in sexual acts with others.

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