How To Clean And Care For Your Hearing Aids

You need your hearing aids for a reason, to be able to hear beautiful sounds such as your grandchildren laughing, the birds singing and the sounds of everyday life. If you don't clean and care for your hearing aids properly, you could end up causing your hearing aids to work improperly or break them altogether. Read on for tips on how to clean and care for your hearing aids.

Inspect Them Often

Inspect your hearing aids often for signs of damage, or for ear wax that has built up on the openings. Also look for any other debris that has built up on your hearing aids. If your hearing aids are damaged, be sure to have them either repaired or replaced. Don't attempt to wear broken hearing aids.

Clean Them Daily

Clean your hearing aids daily with a clean, dry cloth. Wiping them down helps remove dust and ear wax that may have built up on your hearing aids. Using a wax pick or cleaning brush helps remove this built up debris as well. Some models of hearing aids can be cleaned using soapy water, but be sure to read your manufacturer's instructions on how exactly to clean your hearing aids. 

Be sure to remove the battery from the battery compartment and clean inside this area as well. Allow your hearing aid to dry overnight, then reassemble the hearing aid in the morning.

Other Care Tips:

Some other tips to caring for your cleaning aids are:

  • Keep the battery compartment door open when not in use, to not waste the battery life of your batteries. Opening the compartment will not use the battery.
  • Be sure to store your hearing aids up high so your pets or small children cannot reach them. Hearing aids can easily be damaged if handled improperly.
  • Keep your hearing aids out of the sun and away from any heat sources (when storing them). The heat can damage your hearing aids.
  • Don't wear your hearing aids while showering, swimming or in pouring down rain. Take them out to prevent water from damaging them.
  • Never insert any tools into the sound outlet, as this can damage the outlet, making your hearing aids not work as effectively.

Your hearing aids help you hear properly. Take good care of them, clean and inspect them often and use them as recommended by your physician and the manufacturer. If you have questions about cleaning and care of your hearing aids, be sure to talk to a professional hearing aid service like Accurate Hearing Technology Inc.

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