How Sinus Infection Leads To Other Medical Concerns

Most people have suffered from symptoms of sinus infection at some point in life. If you are familiar with an illness, then you tend to not think of it as serious. Sinusitis is an inflammation of the paranasal sinuses. The paranasal sinuses are the air-filled spaces inside of your facial bones that opens into your nasal cavity. This condition often occurs because of infection.

Although rare, a sinus infection can be dangerous if not diagnosed and treated. Read on to find out how sinus infection leads to other medical concerns.

Loss Of Hearing

If you have acute sinusitis, then you may have problems with your hearing. Treating the infection usually restores your hearing back to normal. However, if you allow the condition to linger, then you can develop chronic sinusitis.

Chronic sinusitis can start out as temporary hearing loss and can develop into permanent hearing loss. It usually occurs when you have an ear infection. Your sinus infection can spread from your sinuses to your ear. It adds pressure and fluid on the Eustachian tube, eardrum, and throat when your infection spreads. These areas can become swollen and blocked. It can eventually lead to discomfort and hearing loss.

Loss Of Voice

Sinusitis can cause you to have throat problems. You may have to deal with coughing, scratchy throat and loss of voice. If you lose your voice, then it becomes difficult to function in your daily life. It would be hard to perform a job that requires you to communicate verbally.

You can get treated for symptoms related to your throat. However, the sinusitis needs to be treated for your throat to return to normal.

Treat Children Immediately

Children with sinusitis can experience hearing loss as well. The fluid usually drains, and the pressure reduces after treating the sinusitis. After treatment, your hearing is restored, but it is a little different for younger children. A child's ears are still developing. Any remaining fluid left in a child's ears leads to additional hearing problems and discomfort.

For example, a ruptured eardrum causes more fluid to accumulate. This can lead to permanent hearing loss. If your child has a sinus infection, then you should schedule a doctor's appointment immediately.

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