Establishing Care With A New Family Doctor

Having a family medicine doctor can be a great benefit for everyone within your family unit. Having one person treat everyone can make it easier to detect potential genetic issues, and it also makes coordinating care for spouses and children easier. If you are looking to establish care with a new family doctor, here are a few helpful hints you can use.

Schedule Consultations

Even if it's not time to have a physical, it's a good idea to schedule a consultation with your new family doctor. This is your chance to get to know your physician, and it gives him or her time to create a baseline for your future care. If possible, schedule everyone's visit on the same day. This makes your life a bit easier while also helping the doctor get a better overall picture of your family's health needs and medical history.

Come Prepared

When you meet the doctor for the first time, you'll want to come prepared with a complete medical history for all of your family members. You can have medical records from your former physician sent over in advance to help with this process. Write out a list of medications for each person as well as any health concerns you might have, and be sure to have a complete medical history ready as well. It can be difficult to remember everything, particularly if you get nervous when visiting the doctor, so having everything written down can prevent you from forgetting anything.

Ask About Lab Work

Some doctors may order lab work, such as blood tests, at your initial consultation to create a baseline for cholesterol levels, liver function, or other potential medical concerns. Other times, your doctor may order tests during the course of a checkup or exam. Asking about labs in advance can help you better schedule your visit. For example, some doctors do not have facilities on-site for this work to be performed. This means you may have to visit a local hospital for blood draws, x-rays, or other tests. Knowing where you will need to go for testing can help you determine how long you'll actually need to spend getting potential tests performed. Be sure that any hospital the doctor is associated with is covered under your health insurance so you don't end up with surprise out-of-network charges.

Of course, establishing care with a new family doctor is about trust and forming a medical relationship. If you don't feel comfortable with the doctor during your initial consultation, don't be afraid to continue looking until you find a doctor you are comfortable with.

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