Want To Provide Basic Medications In Your Medical Practice Office? What To Know

If you own a small medical practice and you have larger pharmaceutical distributor that wants you to use their products specifically, and that will give you these products at a lower rate, you want to get a lawyer. Many offices are able to distribute antibiotics, birth control and other items in office. You want to meet with a lawyer to go over the details of the contract that you are interested in signing, and to make sure that this is in the best interest for your practice. Here are some of the things that you want to consider when choosing a lawyer and moving forward with the deal.

Find a Pharmaceutical Contract Attorney

You need to meet with a lawyer that deals specifically with pharmaceutical contracts, because they know the specifics of the liability concerns, the prescription process and more. You want to find a practice that will go over the proposed contract and details, and to determine if the contract is beneficial to you as the business owner. The lawyer will look for flaws, alterations that need to be made and more.

Know All Your Patients can be Covered

You need to know that the drug company has all of the drugs that you want to have in office, and that your patients will be covered. Look at the list of prescriptions that the company has to offer, what you would need to stock, and what your patients want to have available.

Cost and Time Benefits

It has to be affordable for the patients to want to get the antibiotic from you, instead of going to a pharmacy. If you can sell it at a price around the cost they would pay for it at a pharmacy, and they skip having to wait in line and wait for the prescription to be ready and for it to be filled, this may be a more affordable and efficient way for the patients to get what they need. Also, many people would rather pick up their birth control in 6 month doses at their yearly pap smear.

There are a lot of advantages to offering prescriptions in the office, opposed to sending all of your patients to the pharmacy to get what the need. Work with a pharmaceutical company, and a pharmaceutical lawyer, to find out what needs to be done so you can start stocking the cabinets and to make a little profit at the same time. Contact a firm, like Contracts Associates Inc, for more help.

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