3 Tips For Preparing Your Child (And Yourself) For Surgery

Having to watch your child go under the knife for a major surgery is every parent's worst nightmare. That said, the experience doesn't have to be a traumatic one for the child if you know how to properly introduce the situation to your kid. Sure, the child will likely still be a little bit scared no matter what you say, but your job is to put your child into the right state of mind so that they can get through the experience. Here are three tips to help prepare your child for surgery.

Choose Your Words Carefully

You'll have some leeway here depending on exactly how old your kid is, but in general, avoid using negative words that might frighten your child. You obviously don't want to tell them anything like, "The doctor is going to cut you open." Instead, you could say something like, "the doctor is going to take a closer look at you." and just leave it at that. If the doctor needs to put your child under for the operation, just tell them they will be going to sleep for a little bit and don't explain the specifics. In short, avoid negative association whenever possible.

Let Your Child Meet the Doctor in Advance

The exact logistics might vary depending on what kind of surgery is being done and how busy the doctor is, but when possible, it can be helpful to let your child meet the doctor or nurses who will be working on him or her before actually going to the operating room. Just about every child surgical center understands that kids can be delicate in this situation and are usually willing to go the extra mile to put their minds at ease. Reach out to your local child surgical center or hospital in advance of the procedure if you want to make an introduction.

Control Your Own Fears

Perhaps the most important thing you can do for your child is to not let them see that you are afraid. Younger kids tend to focus in on their parents' emotions and if they can see the fear in your eyes or hear it in your voice, they will be much more likely to freak out. Maintain a positive attitude and your child will be more likely to do the same.

Seeing your child undergo surgery can be a scary time, but child and parent can both get through it by maintaining a positive outlook. Avoid saying anything negative that might scare your child and try to introduce them to the doctors in advance of the big day. For more tips, reach out to your local child surgical center today.

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