Six Mistakes Important to Avoid When You're Recovering From a Cold

Dealing with a cold is uncomfortable and detracts from your day-to-day productivity. That's why you're going to want to get over a cold as soon as possible to get back to work and on with your life. 

Unfortunately, a lot of patients make some simple mistakes that prolong their suffering from cold symptoms. The following are six mistakes it's important to avoid to get over a cold as soon as possible:

1. Not getting enough sleep

It's best to sleep off a bad cold whenever possible. Being able to take off work and spend the day in bed can help you to get over a cold faster and keep you more comfortable while you're recovering. 

Your body heals faster when you're sleeping. Sleep also gives you a break from dealing with cold symptoms. If you have trouble sleeping while you have a cold, you can take a cold medicine that includes sleep-aid ingredients that will make you feel groggy and fall asleep faster. 

2. Failing to stay hydrated

Proper hydration is also important to healing. Drinking a lot of water or juice will help to loosen up any congestion you're experiencing while also allowing your body to efficiently deliver nutrients on a cellular level and fight infection more effectively. 

While beverages like water and juice will hydrate you, beverages like coffee and soda can actually have the opposite effect and dehydrate you. Therefore, you should remember to avoid coffee and soda while you're recovering from a cold. 

3. Being in a home with dry air

Dry air can aggravate congestion caused by a cold. If you have dry air in your home, it might be worthwhile to invest in a humidifier. This will make your home more healthy and comfortable when you're recovering from a cold. 

4. Failing to focus on diet and nutrient intake

There are certain nutrients that are particularly important for boosting your immune system and fighting cold infections. You need to eat healthy while you're recovering from a cold. In particular, focus on taking in vitamin C and zinc. Taking these two nutrients as a supplement could help you overcome your cold faster. 

5. Being completely inactive

While you want to rest while you're recovering from a cold, during your waking hours you need to find a low-impact activity that will entertain and distract you. Consider watching a movie or doing some light reading to help take your mind off of your cold symptoms while you're recovering. 

6. Drinking and smoking

Drinking alcohol and smoking can make your cold last longer for a variety of reasons. Alcohol is one of those beverages that will actually dehydrate you rather than helping you to get enough water. Smoking is bad for your circulation, and proper circulation is important to healing and fighting infections. 

​If you feel like you have severe cold symptoms, consult a doctor at an urgent care in your area, such as Premier Urgent Care Centers of California, Inc.​

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