Do You Have Hemophilia And Cancer? Nanoknife Surgery Can Help

Cancer is a dangerous disease and treatment of it is only complicated if you also have hemophilia. Thankfully, it is possible to get a new surgery known as NanoKnife to avoid these complications and beat cancer for good.

Hemophilia Can Complicate Cancer Surgery

Those who have hemophilia know how difficult living with this disease can be. Even a small cut or a bump can lead to a dangerous bleeding situation. Unfortunately, this complication can make cancer surgery nearly impossible for those with hemophilia. While surgical specialists can help manage blood flow, the lack of clotting complicates it incredibly.

As a result, those with hemophilia may find that they cannot undergo many types of cancer surgery. Thankfully, NanoKnife surgery has become a possibility for many people. This treatment has become an increasingly popular way of managing the dangers of cancer and providing people with a new lease on life.

The Benefits Of This Process

NanoKnife is a minimally-invasive surgery option that doesn't require the use of physical cutting tools. Instead, it uses bursts of electrical currents focused directly on cancerous tissue. It causes very few side effects and can be repeated several times if tumors develop throughout the body.

For those with hemophilia, it can be a lifesaver because it will cause little to no bleeding. In fact, NanoKnife is typically designed to be used on difficult-to-reach tumors, such as near blood vessels or veins. As a result, NanoKnife is likely to be the cancer treatment method of choice for those with hemophilia. Understanding the process can help you decide if it is right for you.

Surgery Can Take Minutes

The NanoKnife process typically takes a few weeks to prepare because your surgeons need to identify the tumor and come up with a plan of attack for eliminating it. You'll go through a few x-rays and other scans to ensure that the tumor is properly located. Them, you can be put under while the technicians carefully manipulate the NanoKnife.

The incredible thing about this process is that it will typically last only a few minutes. That's because NanoKnife uses controlled electrical currents to attack the tumor and destroy it. Even better, it won't cause any bleeding or the issues that commonly plague cancer treatment for those who suffer from hemophilia.

As a result, it is critical for those with this disease to talk about NanoKnife technology with their treatment specialists. It could just save their lives and prevent them from serious personal injury if there is no other way to manage their cancerous tumors. Contact a company like ATLAS ONCOLOGY for more information and assistance. 

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