Signs You Need Varicose Vein Treatment

Most people know that varicose veins are those unsightly blue veins that tend to appear on one's legs, particularly as you get older. Many people also only think of them as an appearance issue, so other than avoiding shorts or skirts, they don't pursue any sort of treatment. Unfortunately, this can be a major mistake. For most people, varicose veins aren't a major health concern, but in some cases they can lead to problems such as burst vessels or blood clots; this is because the appearance of varicose veins already indicates that there are issues with the valve systems in the circulatory system. By knowing the signs that your veins need prompt treatment, you can avoid a potentially major medical issue.

Sign #1: Major bruising occurs

Varicose veins tend to form near the surface, which is in part why they are so visible. Even a small bump can cause one to burst and lead to a large bruise. If a bruise forms without any obvious cause, or if the bleeding under the skin appears to be severe -- in other words, the bruise is larger than the injury warrants or continues to get larger over time -- you need to elevate your leg to slow the bleeding and then seek medical attention. In extreme cases, you can lose a lot of blood from a burst vein. Sometimes, the skin may also swell up and burst, leading to even more severe bleeding.

Sign #2: Tender lumps appear

Generally, varicose veins are unsightly but not painful. Pain occurs when there is a blockage, most often the result of a clot; clots can pose many health issues, and some of them are fatal. A clot can lead to burst veins, or it can break free and lead to a stroke or embolism in another major organ of the body. If you notice any swelling or tenderness, it is vital that you seek emergency medical care. Keep in mind that the swelling or pain may not be localized; depending on the location, your entire leg may feel or even look swollen. Prompt treatment by medical professionals in varicose vein services can ensure that the clot doesn't lead to any life-threatening issues.

Sign #3: Open sores develop

The thin skin over a varicose vein can sometimes split, which can lead to open sores. These aren't a problem if they scab over and heal quickly. There is reason to be concerned if the sore seems to stay fresh and weepy, since this means the vein is not healing. These sores can become prone to infection or further issues if left untreated, so you will want to schedule an appointment with a varicose treatment center to address the problem.  

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