How A Breast Augmentation Can Help You Achieve A Feminine Physique

Transitioning from male to female is not a single process. You can transition hormonally, socially or a combination of hormones and surgery. It takes making many little decisions until you are completely happy. Read on to find out how a breast augmentation can help you achieve a feminine physique.

Get Breast Development From Hormone Therapy

Some trans women go through hormone therapy to appear more feminine. Hormone therapy involves administering sex hormones and other hormonal medications to someone who is transgender. It includes a combination of the following treatments: estrogen, testosterone blockers, and progesterone. The purpose is to align your secondary sexual characteristics. It is similar to getting a second puberty.

Watch Your Progress

You should see progress within a few weeks. Small buds start to form under your nipples. They may feel tender to the touch. The right and left side may also appear uneven. These signs are normal development.

However, breast development is different from person to person. After years of hormone therapy, some trans women may not get bigger than an A cup. Trans women are not any different than other women. Their breasts will vary in size and shape. They also have problems with uneven breasts. If you are unhappy with hormone results, then you may want to consider breast augmentation surgery.

Get A Cosmetic Consultation

If you want immediate results, then it is time to schedule a cosmetic consultation. Breast implants are inserted through an incision into your breast area with the use of a prosthesis. It is important to not go into this procedure blind. Some people think they are going to get the perfect breasts and expect a surgery to solve everything.

You must choose from a variety of options to get best results. This is a surgical procedure, which means an incision must be made. You have to choose the location of this incision.

Breast size is another option. Some people are tempted to go over the top and others may want a modest size. It is important to choose a size that your body can handle. You also have to choose between a saline or silicone implant. These are concerns you should express during the consultation.

If you are thinking about transitioning, then this journey should be about your needs. You must set goals; the things you want to accomplish with this journey. It also helps to know what you want to accomplish with your physical transformation. For more information, contact a medical office like Renaissance Center For Facial & Body Sculpting.

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