Shooting Neck And Arm Pain? You May Have A Herniated Disc In Your Neck

If pain begins in your neck and shoots down the length of your arm, you may have a herniated disc in your neck. Herniated discs occur in the bones of the spine, including the cervical bones in your neck. Discs that rupture or slip out place in the neck can cause pain in your shoulder and arm over time. Learn more about the possible herniated disc in your neck below.

What's Wrong With the Disc in Your Neck?

Discs are doughnut-shaped tissues that consist of two distinct layers: an outer core and an inner core. The spongy inner core contains a jelly-like material that cushions your spine when you bend, twist, or stretch your back. The inner core also absorbs the shock you experience when you walk on hard pavement, terrain, or flooring. If you injure one of your cervical bones during an accident, playing sports, or lifting equipment at work, you can herniate or rupture your discs. The ruptured discs can leak fluid between your spinal bones.

Herniated discs in the neck can cause pain, numbness, and other disturbing symptoms to occur in your neck and arm. The symptoms may also show up in your shoulders, hands, and fingers. Some people report episodes of muscle spasms when they experience herniated cervical discs. If the ruptured discs press down on the nerves in your spine, it can cause great pain to fluctuate throughout your neck and other upper body tissues.  

One of the most important ways to stop your neck and arm pain is to seek treatment at a facility like Southwest Florida Neurosurgical & Rehab Associates.

Is There Treatment for a Herniated Neck Disc?

Herniated discs don't heal themselves or get better with time. In most cases, the injuries can cause lifelong pain and suffering. An orthopedist or doctor can take internal pictures (X-rays or CT scans) of your spine and neck to locate the bad discs. Once a specialist locates the herniated discs, they can design or plan the best treatment for it. 

The treatment for herniated discs may include physical therapy and bedrest. If your pain and other symptoms don't respond favorably to these treatments, a doctor may perform surgery on your neck. Surgery may allow a doctor to remove the damaged discs from your neck. If the damaged discs sit on (compress) the nerves in your neck, a doctor may use decompression surgery instead. The type of surgical treatment you need may depend on the extent of your injury or symptoms.

If you need help overcoming your neck and arm pain, contact a specialist for more details today.

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